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About us

Managing Partner

A subtle alliance between HR experience and people development, Nadia’s expertise has grown over nearly 20 years in rich and varied environments. A thirst for learning led to regular, diverse and complementary training.

Nadia fully lives her mission which consists of supporting organizations and individuals in their choices and professional development, whether during individual assessments, coaching mandates or HR advice to companies.

Resolutely oriented towards human relations and at ease in social interactions, she offers you a caring, transparent and authentic approach. This allows supported people to unleash their potential towards achieving their professional and personal goals, through concrete actions.


Jean-François TAGINI
Founding Partner

Expert in Assessment,  Coaching and Team Building for over 30 years, Jean-François Tagini is recognized and appreciated for its caring and constructive approach.

Knowing to interact with a balance of serious, good humor and humor, he shares his passion and pleasure, knowing to be generous in human relationships.

This approach allows you to deal with your goals and objectives by been in the same time detached and concentrated. Also it facilitates the achievement of concrete and measurable results in professional and / or personal life.



Alexia HELD
Administrative Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in the passenger service of a renowned airline, Alexia has developed solid hospitality and customer service skills. Subsequently, she became a personal and administrative assistant for regional companies, some of which international. She continued to enhance her sense of organization, contact, listening and confirming a strong orientation towards customer service.

With her experience, her desire for excellence and her great interpersonal skills, Alexia welcomes you by phone, while managing the various administrative tasks of Tagini Consulting.